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Fairtrade ensures supply chain security as well as trade justice

The aroma of a coffee plantation in full bloom is sweetly intoxicating. Jinaldo encouraged me to sniff the white flowers on the tall, delicate trees and compare their complex bouquets.  “Vanilla, fruits, honey, perhaps chocolate?” I suggested.  Good, he responds … Continue reading

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A question of trust

We often hear that we are in a general crisis of trust.  Not only among brands, but also bankers, politicians, the media, and nearly all institutions. Should retailers be concerned about this? On the one hand, yes: each year, OC&C’s … Continue reading

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Ethical marks enter the mainstream

Tesco’s and Sainsbury’s recent dispute on whether Fairtrade products can be price-compared to non-Fairtrade comes down to what degree ethics play a role in consumers’ purchasing decisions. There is a strong body of evidence suggesting that the Fairtrade mark enhances … Continue reading

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